1. Responsible for the daily network optimization, and troubleshooting of the company’s CDN network system

2. Ensure the stability of the network, unblocking bottlenecks of the system

3. Responsible for the improvement of monitoring & alarm system

4. Promote the construction and maintenance of automated operation system

Job Requirements:

1. Computer or related majors, with more than 2 years experience in the operation of CDN network

2. Proficient in using Linux and have experience in system tuning

3. Familiar with TCP/IP, Http, Rtmp and other protocols, familiar with mainstream Web Server and caching software

4. Proficiency in at least one language such as Shell, Python, Golang

5. Proficient in using automated operation and maintenance tools such as Ansible, Saltstack, and Puppet

6. Have good communication skills, strong anti-pressure ability, work conscientiously and responsibly, can respond to various emergencies 7*24

7. Experience in Kubernetes is preferred.


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