-Arrange cuts of meat and place them in an attractive manner in the display case so that customers will wish to purchase them.
-Weigh, label and price a variety of cuts of meat for on-demand selections by customers in an efficient manner that keeps customers satisfied.
-Receive deliveries of meat and inspect them to ensure that they adhere to the highest quality standards and are not expired.
-Prepare meat into forms ready for cooking using a variety of actions, including boning, tying, grinding, cutting and trimming to make it easier for customers.
-Educate customers on different selections and types of meat to help them decide what to purchase.
-Rotate products to reduce the chance of any meat spoiling to reduce waste and loss of profits.
-Maintain and clean the meat preparation counter to reduce the risk of food contamination and adhere to food safety guidelines.

-Minimum 0 Levels and above
-Candidates who have no relevant experience but is willing to learn welcome
-Candidates who knows how to cut meat is an advantage
-Candidates must be able to read, understand and speak basic English
-Physically fit, might need to lift goods up to 10kg when stocks arrives at the retail outlet
-Positive working attitude

-Basic salary: $1800 – $2500 (depending on experience)
-Working hours: 44 hours per week
-Retail hours: 8AM – 10PM daily (working time will be split into shifts and depends on roster arranged by Supervisor)
-Rest day will be on a weekday as candidates are required to work on weekends and on Public Holidays
-Overtime: 1.5 times
-Annual leave 10 days, Medical leave 14 days
-Air-con working environment


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