1.      According to the company’s project development requirements, be responsible for the design and development of the PC front-end architecture

2.      According to project requirements, analyze and provide reasonable front-end page structure solutions

3.      Responsible for writing front-end design documents of program modules

4.      Effectively cooperate with the back-end developer to complete functions

5.      According to project requirements, package front-end components with high reuse and maintainability

Job requirements:

1.      Familiar with basic technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, etc., familiar with W3C standards and specifications, and have a good sense of performance optimization and componentization

2.      Proficient in using Vue or React development framework, familiar with common data structures and algorithms

3.      Familiar with es5, es6, proficient in using Git for version control

4.      Understand the WebPack front-end process

5.      Understand Canvas, Echarts.js, D3.JS, Highcharts, etc.

6.      Familiar with public cloud products and technologies, experience in cloud management platform or CDN product development is preferred


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