According to project requirements, write test plans and execute test tasks
Produce standard test documents (test plan, test report, test result analysis report, etc.)
Experience with system testing, have a deep understanding of the testing work and process, and be able to propose optimization and improvement suggestions for the system and process under test
Cooperate with R&D, product department to complete various test projects
Evaluate the effectiveness of the test work
Participate in the design review of all aspects of the system
Responsible for the management of the test environment, and the rapid reproduction of online and offline problems
Strong learning ability, good at thinking
Analyze the problems encountered in the testing process and assist the developers to solve the problems

Degree/Diploma holder in Computer Engineering or equivalent. 3 years or above work experience in system testing
Have a solid testing foundation and be able to analyze and practice various tests (integration, system, acceptance)
Familiar with the test process, proficient in writing various test cases, plans and schemes
Familiar with common automated testing tools, performance testing tools, and defect management tools
Have a certain coding ability, familiar with SQL
Experience in cloud computing and CDN projects is preferred


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