1. Responsible for the development and implementation of the company’s software products.

2. Responsible for the daily optimization and maintenance of the company’s software program module.

3. Responsible for the technical research and development of the program, including feature design, testing, publish, and maintenance.

4. Responsible for the technical pre-research of some new edge computing scenarios.

Job requirements:

1. 3 years or more of corresponding work experience is required

2. Familiar with at least one programming language in JAVA/GO.

3. Experience in distributed, virtualization, parallel computing, big data, networking, storage, protocol server back-end development, etc.

4. Have a comprehensive basic knowledge of computers: data structures, operating systems, networks, databases and network security.

5. Have good analysis and problem-solving ability, be able to independently undertake challenging tasks, and have the ability to systematically control and promote.

6. Strong sense of responsibility, good external communication and teamwork skills, active and eager to learn.

7. Familiar with public cloud products and technologies, experience in cloud management platform or CDN product development is preferred


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