*Provide pick up services, daily schedule assigned by management
*Provide commuters one way trips between residential estates and the central Business District
*Provide pick up and drop off for student commuters, such as school excursions and other school events
*Provide pick up and drop off workers for companies
*Ad-hoc bus services for one time off rental for events, customized to customers needs

*Possesses excellent defensive driving techniques and the ability to professionally deal with difficult passengers.
*Able to obey all traffic rules, ensure safety for all passengers
*Ability to operate in a safe and economical manner
*Must have a clean driving records

*Basic Salary: $1350 (5 days work week)
*Basic Salary $1600 (6 days work week)
*Allowance $200
*Working hours not fix, can start as early as 5am, depending on the pick- up schedule daily
*Every extra pick-up, will be extra pay per trip. Depending on how many trips you willing to take up
*Average OT per month 50 – 60 hours, can earn from a range of $2700 – $3800 inclusive of basic salary.
Entitled 7 days of Annual Leave and 14 days Medical leave


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